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OK, admit it, most of you wondered what the “Powder” meant. Well, it’s just a cheesy little flourish of alliteration. In organizing our site, we were trying to provide some semblance of unity to widely disparate subject areas. Hence, our three big subject areas – political stories, business stories and skiing stories – are organized under words starting with “P.” (For all you unfortunate non-skiers out there, “powder” is the soft, deep, untracked snow that nearly every skier yearns for.)

Nearly all the skiing stories are written by Mr. K. – George Koch. Currently he’s the Western Columnist and a travel feature writer for Ski Canada magazine. Some of the Western View columns have a political dimension, and will be cross-archived. Mr. K.’s current skiing articles also appear in Ski Trax, Powder, Backcountry, Warren Miller’s Snoworld and the Swedish ski magazine, Åka Skidor. In addition, occasional newspaper columns written with Dr. J. concern ski area development, and will be cross-archived.

Mr. K. first stood on skis at age 4, after his parents spent all of about $100 to equip the entire trio with wooden skis, leather boots, bamboo poles and woollen mittens and toques. Mr. K. gradually morphed into an irredeemably fanatical skier, spending several winters in the Alps as a ski bum. After he became a writer, his keen intelligence sensed an opportunity to marry the two genres. It’s an ongoing source of deep sorrow that his best pal, Dr. J., refuses to discover the joys of skiing.

Since the late-80s Mr. K. has written hundreds of articles about skiing for a host of magazines and newspapers in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. He was the team leader of Tour the Alps 2003, a form of travel weblog. In January/February of that year he and a team of photographers and pro skiers criss-crossed the Alps. Each day they skied at one of the world’s top resorts, shooting photos and gathering impressions. Every evening the day’s material was formatted, written up and posted to the tourthealps.com website. Mr. K.’s cumulative output was more than 60,000 words over five weeks. Sadly, the site is no longer active.

We don’t plan to post regular weblog items on skiing – it would just read like “what I did on my vacation” vanity drivel – except as it concerns ongoing developments of things we’ve covered in print, or issues of wider interest, like ski industry developments or the sorry state of Canada’s highways.

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